Nurturing the Next Generation of Opera Audiences through Exciting Outreach Opportunities.

Our Education Initiative
Promotes Student Appreciation of Classical Opera

“My students loved it and have not stopped talking about it!  Several of them said they felt their bodies vibrating from the music!  You know the kids were mesmerized since I did not have to speak to any of them, not even once during the entire performance.”  - Jane McKinney, Choir Teacher from Marshall Middle School in HISD


Opera in the Heights achieves its goal of bringing opera to new audiences in the community through various education programs:

The Student Night Dress Rehearsals

Student groups can experience the magic of an opera’s coming together visually and musically. They may attend the 7 p.m. Dress Rehearsals scheduled on Tuesday evenings prior to opening night of each of the season’s opera productions. Admission is free of charge to schools that RSVP with the education coordinator.

This Opera’s for You

Teachers and other youth-serving leaders have been able to arrange for an Opera in the Heights team—consisting of a coordinator, a singer, and a keyboard player— to come to their schools or other organizations to provide an interactive 45-minute to one-hour introduction to opera. These free-of- charge programs have demystified opera for new and young audiences.


Student Comments:

  • Marshall Middle School: “Opera is supposed to reach you by the heart. . . . You have to dedicate yourself to be a singer.”
  • Cypress Ridge High School: “It is kind of the same as a sports event. . . . They practice a lot like I do in soccer.”
  •  “It made me interested in the opera-singing business; it helped me with what I want to do with singing.”
  • Houston Christian High School: “Oh! It was beautiful”
  • St. Catherine’s Montessori Teacher Comment: “Thank you for coming. . . . The students really enjoyed it and just buzzed around the classrooms afterward. We heard about ‘the voice’ more than once that afternoon.”


 Opera in the Heights provides educational outreach with funding from Texas Women for the Arts and the Immanuel & Helen B. Olshan Foundation, Inc.

Contact our Education Coordinator by email, or by calling our offices at 713-861-5303