Opera in the Heights kicks off 20th season a month early

by Martin Hajovsky

While Opera in the Heights‘ 20th anniversary season is still a month away, this Saturday you can get a sneak peek of what’s on offer.

Opera in the Heights will feature at Silver Street Studios’ First Saturday event Aug. 8.

OH will kick off the year at Silver Street Studios’ “Second Saturday” at 2000 Edwards, this Saturday, Aug. 8 from 2-5 p.m. Opera in the Heights will share the space with Foto Fest International and its exhibit I Am A Camera, along with open studios for the artists housed at Silver Street.

Filling the schedule will be:

  • Two micro opera performances by Opera in the Heights singers (This will make the entire day for me.)
  • Ice cream truck Chocolate Wasted, and Wokker Texas Ranger, Asian/Texan fusion cuisine truck. (Wait, wait. I get food too?)
  • Karbach Brewing Co. will be on hand with complimentary beverages (Now my cup, it doth runneth over, though not by much as I would never waste Karbach beer that way.)
  • The company is also launching its new YOLO group, which stands for Young Opera Lovers Organization. For more on that, check out the video below.
  • The costume work and set designs by Opera in the Heights designers will be on display.
  • And more! (Because there’s always more.)

That’s a full Saturday right there. But to learn more, and to buy tickets for the 20th season, check out the niftily redesigned operaintheheights.org.

As I’ve written many times before, Opera in the Heights is one of those unique elements that helps to make the Heights what it is, which is for my money (Hello HCAD!) simply the best neighborhood in my city, and as a fifth-generation Houstonian and father to two sixth-gen-ers, I get to say that! Hope to see you out at Silver Street Saturday.