Winter Giving Campaign Total: $9,810

Updated 1/1/2017

Thank you to our generous donors listed below:


Dr. and Mrs. John Mendelsohn   $1000

Alice Lively   $20

Sarah Williams   $35

Zelda and Manson Johnson   $100

Joyce and Trey Evans   $350

Maurine Bybee   $300

 Dennis Sucec   $20

Sam Ross   $20

Tom and Deborah Cate   $250

Rhoda Goldberg   $100

Laura Huddleston   $20

Jeff and Audrey Hill   $25

Charles Wolfe   $300

Dr. and Mrs. John T. Wynn   $200

Nell Richardson and Sidney Buchanan   $100

Will Speer and Anna Temple   $600

Jeannine Smith   $100

Ms. Susan Kaled-Gutterman   $200

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Fletcher   $251

Ms. Barbara Bernett   $100

Ms. Anne Murphy   $100

Heather and Anthony Tripodo   $1000

William Sing   $100

Joan and Kenneth Gould   $20

Norma and Gerhard Paskusz   $150

Michael and Maureen Mancini   $50

Mr. and Mrs. W.K. Adam   $200

Anonymous   $27

Richard and Janet Sympson   $100

Charles Chester   $10

Anonymous   $22

Blake Weisser   $500

Anonymous   $50

Anonymous   $500

Gerlad Wilemski   $40

John Caffey & Teran Smith   $250

Ann L. Faget   $100

Williams Companies - Matching Gift in honor of Vicky Glenn   $250

Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund - Matching Gift in honor of 'Anonymous'   $2000

Chevron Matching Gift in honor of Monica and Thomas White   $250


Our 21st season, we are grateful to continue the momentous work we accomplished together during our Summer Fundraising Initiative

Your support furthers our mission to support young emerging artists while continuing to ensure accessible and affordable opera for the greater Houston community.  When you support Opera in the Heights, you are helping to provide opportunities to 100+ artists each season.  Your support also creates opportunities for Houston area students through our Education Initiative, which offers our principal singers additional paid opportunities to work directly in local classrooms, giving students an in-depth look into everything that goes into the art form including: foreign language, music, history, and cultures from across the globe. 

This is the kind of impact your support of Opera in the Heights has on our community, and on the preservation and future of the arts right here in Houston

How can YOU support Opera in the Heights this opera season?  

Let's count the ways...

  1. Become an Artist Chair and give a gift in honor of our Orchestra, Chorus, Supporting Roles, or Principal Roles

  2. Ask your employer to consider a Matching Gift in honor of your generous contribution to Oh!

  3. The most simple and profound giving option is sharing the gift of opera with a friend.  Single tickets are on sale for the remainder of the 2016-2017 season and make the perfect gift for any special occasion!

  4. Donate your time and join the family, the Oh! Guild

For additional information on ways YOU can help Oh!, visit our ‘How You Can Help’ page. 


Look back at the important message to our patrons during the summer of 2016: