Introducing Oh! Children's Series

Lucinda y Las Flores De La Nochebuena

Composer, Evan Mack

Librettist, Joshua McGuire

*Houston premiere*

The coming of age Mexican Christmas folk tale revealing the moral that any gift is beautiful because it is given, featuring Mexican folk tunes and traditional Christmas carols. Tickets: Adults $20, Children $10

Sat, Dec. 2 – 10:30 AM

Sat, Dec. 2 – 1:30 PM

Little Red's Most Unusual Day

A twist on the traditional story, where everyone experiences, in one way or another, a very, very unusual day, therein lay many confusions, consternations and some laughs. Tickets: Adults $20, Children $10

Sat, Mar. 3 – 10:30 AM

Sun, Mar. 4 – 1:30 PM

Sat, May 5 – 1:30 PM


Colorful characters, including Olympia, a mechanical girl, lend themselves to the message that truth-telling is always the best choice. Tickets: Adults $20, Children $10

Sat, Mar. 3 – 1:30 PM

Sat, May 5 – 10:30 AM

Sun, May 6 – 1:30 PM